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Sistemes microinformàtics i xarxes - sistemes operatius en xarxa - compartició de recursos i seguretat.

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UF3. Compartició de recursos i seguretat - Metacontingut

# Teoria * [Apunts SOX (Pere Sánchez)]( * [Llibre SOX:...

SMX-MP04-UF31 any, 9 mesos Sergi Coll

Shared resources: NFS

1. Download and install the NFS client in the Linux computer that will act as client and the NFS server in the one th...

SMX-MP04-UF34 anys, 8 mesos USR_PQRVVEGK

Remote access: Telnet & SSH

**The aim of this activity is to learn to use Telnet to remotely access to another computer. So, you'll need two mach...

SMX-MP04-UF34 anys, 8 mesos USR_PQRVVEGK
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